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Full List of Acura cars Reviews

Acura TL

Acura TL: What You Need To Know

Acura TL, launched into the car market as a successor for the Acura Vigar in 1995, is a luxury sedan belonging to the mid-size segment. This sedan has been badged as a Honda Inspire and as Honda Saber in the market of Japan during the time period 1996-2000 and 1996-2004 respectively. It had been the best seller from Acura until 2007, when the MDX overtook it.

Acura TSX

Acura TSX: Is It Worth The Hype?

Acura launched an entry-level luxury car, TSX, which was launched as the 2004 model in the year 2003 with a restricted supply to the Canadian and the US markets only. The market base was extended to the Mexico until 2009, being sold in the Puerto Rico and the Guam markets.

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