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History of Ford

Ford Motor Company, known plainly as Ford, is an American multinational, dedicated to the manufacture of motor vehicles. It is one of the largest automotive manufacturers worldwide, and one of the 500 most powerful corporations around the world.

It is headquartered in the town of Dearborn, Michigan, United States.

Early Ford

It was founded in 1903 - with a capital of 28,000 dollars, by a group of twelve investors included John and Horace Dodge (who later founded their own car company) and above all Henry Ford, giving the name to the company.

In its first years of existence, a few cars were produced per day in Detroit factory. Little by little, grew up to become one of the largest and most robust of the developed world, being one of the companies that managed to survive the great depression of the 1930s.

Ford's first model: the Ford T

Ford's first model is considered the ancestor of all current cars: the legendary Ford T. It was released on 01 October 1908, built at the Piquette plant, although then the production moved to the Highland Park plant; greater capacity. The Ford T presented a large number of innovations. Had the steering wheel on the left, the engine and transmission were closed, the 4-cylinder engine were embedded in a solid block, and the suspension worked through two semi-elliptic springs.

This revolutionary car was easy to drive and to repair, while economic (initially had a price of $ 825 per coming down every year). In addition, Ford was a pioneer in the basic techniques of production line and mass production. Another historical milestone that marked was the development of simple, cheap and cars intended for the average family in the United States.UU, since before the cars were crafted and had a very high cost.

In case outside little, mark advertised massively to the T, and thanks to the dealers, the car was available in every corner of the country. As expected, sales were massive. In 1914, it reached 250,000 units sold. In 1916, with a price of 360 dollars for the basic version, it was (astronomical for those times) 472.000 units sold mark.

The total production of the Ford T, which continued until the end of 1927, was 15.007034 units, a record that stood for the next 45 years. The reduction of costs, thanks to Ford's important innovations in the production chain; It allowed to offer workers a salary quite greater than the average of the time, ensuring that the staff is satisfied and motivated.

Subsequent years

Even in peaceful times, Henry Ford had been against the war, before the second world war his company provided closely to the nazi Germany, and their trucks played a crucial role in the course of the armed conflict.

Initially, the first models sold outside the U.S..UU. they were simply versions of the yankee market vehicles, but later they were developing specific models for Europe. The first of these was the Ford and 8 HP.

Henry Ford, who had resumed control of the company after the death of his son Edsel. He died in 1947 by a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 83. His grandson mayor Henry II took over the management of Ford Motor Company.

Ford news

Ford also owns the brands Mercury and Lincoln, as well as having a small share of Mazda (Japanese) and Aston Martin (United Kingdom). The subsidiaries Jaguar and Land Rover were sold to Indian group Tata Motors in March 2008. Volvo also was a mark of ownership of Ford, but in 2010 it was sold to Geely Automobile.

To date, remains a family business, run by the descendants of the founder.

Photo Gallery of Ford

Ford Cars Reviews

Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy

The Ford Galaxy was first introduced in 1995 and was a Large Multi-Purpose Vehicle. It has extended for over three generations and the Ford S-Max was also inspired from this model.

Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport

This SUV Ford Eco Sport is formerly built by Ford in Brazil since 2003.After its launch, another concept of second generation was launched in a Motor show at Delhi in 2012 with the intention of getting it assembled in Chennai.

Ford Edge

Ford Edge

Ford Edge developed by the automobile giants Ford is a car, which enjoys the popular characteristics of a hunchback or station wagon vehicle. This Ford car is a middle sized car and heavily inspired by the Mazda CX-9, the original Ford car model that had CD3 Ford engine.

Technical characteristics of Ford Models

Name Year Power Fuel
1 Ford Mustang V6 2009 309HP (227 kW) @ 6500 rpm n/a
2 Ford Zodiac 1962 110HP (81 kW) @ 4750 rpm 8.1 l/100km
3 Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi Powershift 2007 135HP (99 kW) @ 4000 rpm 5.8 l/100km
4 Ford Maverick 1972 99HP (73 kW) @ 4000 rpm 8.1 l/100km
5 Ford Focus 2.0 Coup? PZEV (US) 2007 131HP (96 kW) @ 6000 rpm 8.1 l/100km
6 Ford LTD Hardtop 1977 163HP (120 kW) @ 3600 rpm 8.1 l/100km
7 Ford Fiesta 1.6 Diesel 1977 54HP (40 kW) @ 4800 rpm 8.1 l/100km
8 Ford Scorpio 2.3 1994 147HP (108 kW) @ 5700 rpm 8.1 l/100km
9 Ford Cougar 2.0i 16v 1998 131HP (96 kW) @ 5600 rpm 7.7 l/100km
10 Ford Mondeo 2.0 2001 145HP (106 kW) @ 6000 rpm 10.2 l/100km
11 Ford Mustang GT 1982 228HP (167 kW) @ 4400 rpm 8.1 l/100km
12 Ford Vendome 1954 101HP (74 kW) @ 3700 rpm 7.7 l/100km
13 Ford Escort 1100 Saloon 1968 55HP (41 kW) @ 6000 rpm 8.1 l/100km
14 Ford S-MAX 2.0 TDCi 2006 129HP (95 kW) @ 4000 rpm 8.1 l/100km
15 Ford LTD II S Hardtop 1979 130HP (96 kW) @ 3400 rpm 8.1 l/100km

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