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Best Sedan In A Class

Hyundai Elantra: Best Sedan In A Class

Hyundai Elantra also known as Hyundai Avante produced in South Korea and manufactured by Hyundai since 1990, Elantra is designed as compact car is presently as compact car is presently in the fifth generation.

Reasons Why You Should Own This Car

Hyundai iX35: Reasons Why You Should Own This Car

Many markets outside the area of Korea have the name of the model as Hyundai Tuscon but soon retired for the name of Hyundai iX35. The model was unveiled at the Motor show of Frankfurt in the year 2009. Many features like comfort, power-output, safety and fuel efficiency have been upgraded.

2014 Tech Specs

Jeep Compass: 2014 Tech Specs

In the year 2007, a new model of SUV the jeep compass was introduced. It is one of the jeeps, which has crossed over all the SUVs. The jeep compass has all the features, which are present in the entry level sport jeep.

The Better Ride

Jeep Grand Cherokee: The Better Ride

Manufactured under Chrysler corporation and produced by the American manufacturer of jeep division; Jeep Grand Cherokee is a SUV vehicle of mid-size. The renowned corporation Chrysler has been originally owned by Fiat automobile manufacturer in Italy.

Getting A Good Ride

Jeep Wrangler: Getting A Good Ride

Jeep Wrangler also a SUV manufactured by Chrysler, an American Automaker is a compressed vehicle with easy drive. Wrangler descends from the jeep of Willys military times, the CJ models of 1940’s. Later it was produced by the Kaiser jeep as well as the American Motors.

Why Get One?

Kia Ceed: Why Get One?

Since 2006, the South Korean car manufacturing company called Kia has been producing a variant of small family cars, known as Kia Cee’d, especially for European Market.

Fuel Economy At Best

Kia Optima: Fuel Economy At Best

A mid-size vehicle of four-door Sedan; Kia Optima’s original manufacturers are Kia Motors who have marketed the vehicle globally since 2000 under various banner. Kia Optima’s first generation cars had mostly been marketed under the banner of Optima, but for European and Canadian markets the name Kia Magnetis was used during the sales in 2002.

The Best Sub-Compact Car

Kia Rio: The Best Sub-Compact Car

Kia Rio manufactured by Kia Motors is sub compressed automobile, since August 2000 it is been marketed as well by Kia Motors. It is the third generation now of Kia Rio. The body styling includes five door and four door hatchback and sedan styles.

Why Would You Consider It

Kia Sorento: Why Would You Consider It

Produced by Kia Motor in South Korea since 2002, this Sport Utility Vehicle Kia Sorento is a mid-size crossover. For promoting the market launch of Sorento in 2014 in U.S, a campaign under the title ‘It has an answer to everything” has been created by Goliath and David and had been started during XLVII Super Bowl.

Technology’s Best Invention

Lexus LFA: Technology’s Best Invention

Lexus manufactured a two seater car that is a Lexus LFA. From the marquee line of performance, this is the second model from Lexus then came IS F. There are three concept versions each was shown on the international auto show of North America with LF-A designation and in association with the LF series concept line.


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