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Infiniti q50s: hybrid

Infiniti Q50S Hybrid was presented during the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. Latest version of this premium vehicle includes all the up-to-date technologies and provides the highest level of comfort for its driver and passengers. Based on the Infiniti Q50, the model Q50S Hybrid offers a potential customer following reasons to purchase this car.

Speaking of engine, you will get 3.5L gasoline engine with an electromotor and the total power of 360hp. The powertrain includes a 7-speed automatic transmission. Such combination allows a driver to reach the speed of 60mph in less than 5 seconds. Depending on his or her preferences, one may choose between a rare-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive vehicle. However, the latter option also includes a heated steering wheel with an $1800 increase in price. On the other hand the approximate fuel consumption of the AWD model is lower and amounts to 27 and 31 miles per gallon in the city and on a highway respectively, while the numbers for a RWD vehicle are 28 and 34 miles per gallon. The Q50S hybrid has some upgrades, compared to the Q50 hybrid car such as new paddle shifters. Furthermore, there is a 8-way power driver's seat and 19-inch wheels. Designers also thought about those who would like to get a sporty premium car and added sport brakes, sport front bumper and sport seats.

The interior of Infiniti Q50S is classy yet modern with three leather color options: wheat, stone and graphite. Depending on your preferences, Maple Wood or Kacchu Aluminum inserts add some style to the doors and front panel. Rare seats are designed to fit two people with comfort, thus it may be a little too crowded for three passengers. The quality of plastic parts and stitches meets the requirements of premium vehicles.

Up-to-date technologies will make business or family trip comfortable, fun and safe. Two anti-collision systems and an active lane control let the driver travel to the destination point with less stress, alerting him in case of an emergency. Blind spot control system will make sure you do not accidently hit other car while backing or overtaking. Infiniti inTuition system gives different drivers an opportunity to adjust a large number of settings. It may be useful for those who use Infiniti Q50S hybrid as a family car and do not want to set everything manually any time the driver changes. Dual touch screen facilitates the process of using navigation or multimedia and 14-speakers Bose audio system sounds amazing.

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Technical Characteristics of Infiniti q50s

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