Mercedes-Benz may launch electric Class S

Mercedes-Benz may launch electric Class S

The search for vehicles that damage less the environment is gaining more and more attention from automakers in recent years. During the Geneva Motor Show, responsible for the division of large cars from Mercedes-Benz, Uwe Ernstberger, revealed in an interview with Top Gear a Class S all-electric is in the plans, but still off the streets.

"A fully electric car will be done in the future," he said. "But our main problem is still the capacity of the batteries, in addition to weight and space they occupy in the car, after all nobody wants to have a model with fewer options of comfort than a traditional engine equipped with".

Currently Mercedes-Benz working on a hybrid version of the S-Class with batteries and range between 25 and 30 km, beyond the combustion engine for longer distances. "This is the project where we are focusing on now, but certainly in the future cars will be electric only and autonomous."

Still in testing, a version of the S-Class is already fully autonomous being evaluated in Germany, but the company has not set up where you can force the adoption of technology in the short term, taking into account not only the embedded technology, but also the legality of the use of the device. "We always have to ensure that the person driving the car will be responsible for it," he concluded Ernstberger.

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