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Is It Worth The Buying?

Chery QQ: Is It Worth The Buying?

The Chery Manufacturers from China rolled out their first car in 2003 of codename S11). Their new supermini version named the Chery QQ6 was launched in 2006. It’s tough to figure out which Chery QQ one is referring to because all of the four models of Chery are named Chery QQ.

The Beginner’s Guide

Chery Tiggo: The Beginner’s Guide

Chery Automobile, the Chinese auto manufacturer rolled out its version of the compact crossover (CUV), the very suave Chery Tiggo in 2006. There are innumerable styling cues, which come very close to the other CUVs in design especially the Toyota RAV4.

Get Your Remarkable Driving Experience

Chevrolet Cobalt: Get Your Remarkable Driving Experience

Chevrolet Cobalt - the name has been in focus for over two generations of front-wheel cars, which were sold under the Chevrolet marque. And, it’s one of the most iconic Chevy creations just like the Corvette.

The Best Deal In The Compact Cars

Chevrolet Corvette: The Best Deal In The Compact Cars

The luxury division of General Motors, Chevrolet came out with the iconic sports car Corvette in 1953, and it was produced across seven generations. Harley Earl designed the first model, which was a convertible. It was displayed as a concept show car at the GM Motorama in year 1953.

A Highly Efficient Crossover

Chevrolet Equinox: A Highly Efficient Crossover

Equinox is a flagship Chevrolet SUV, which is based on Theta unibody platform of GM. It is a convenient crossover SUV manufactured at CAMI automotive plant, which is situated in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. It was introduced in the market in 2004.

What’s New in this car

Chevrolet Malibu: What’s New in this car

Chevy Malibu is an American mid-size car manufactured by General Motors and the vehicle was introduced for the first time in the year 1964 and discontinued in the year 1983. Later on, it was re-introduced in the year 1997.

Experience The Smoothest Drive

Chevrolet Tahoe: Experience The Smoothest Drive

Chevy Tahoe is a full-size sport utility vehicle introduced by General Motors. GMC and Chevrolet had sold 2 different SUVs - Jimmy and Blazer in the early 90’s. Later on, GMC introduced Yukon in the year 1992 as Jimmy.

Drive Longer

Chevrolet Volt: Drive Longer

Chevy Volt is a hybrid vehicle from GM that is sold under the label of Holden Volt in New Zealand and Australia. It is also retailed as Vauxhall Ampera in UK . Volt gained popularity in the US initially, and then later on, its reach spread across many European countries.

Experience The Happiness of Driving

Chevrolet Aveo: Experience The Happiness of Driving

Chevrolet, a sub compact vehicle was manufactured since the year 2002 by General Motors, South Korea and later by GM- affiliated bodies. The car is marketed all around the world in approx 120 countries being under 6 brands that is Daewoo, Chevrolet, Holden, ZAZ, Suzuki and Pontiac.

What Your Family Needs

Chevrolet Camaro: What Your Family Needs

General Motors manufacture the Chevrolet Camaro under the Chevrolet brand. Classified as a foal car and as a muscle car as well, this was designed to compete with Ford Mustang. The models sold in 1966 (from September 29) were for the 1967 model year.


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