Reviews of popular Cars and Bikes

Is It Worth The Hype?
Acura TSX: Is It Worth The Hype?

Acura launched an entry-level luxury car, TSX, which was launched as the 2004 model in the year 2003 with a restricted supply to the Canadian and the US markets only. The market base was extended to the Mexico until 2009, being sold in the Puerto Rico and the Guam markets.

Options For Tuning
Alfa Romeo 147: Options For Tuning

Launched at the Turin Motor Show in 2000, Alfa Romeo 147 was produced to replace 145/146 hatchbacks. Manufactured by Alfa Romeo, the Italian automaker, during the 2000-2010 on the basis of the running gear of the saloon of larger 156. Titled as the European Car of the 2001 Year, beating Toyota Prius and Ford Mondeo.

The Much-Awaited Information
Alfa Romeo 156: The Much-Awaited Information

Alfa Romeo, the Italian automaker launched a compact model of the executive class, the 156 model in 1997 and was produced till 2007. This car was introduced as a replacement for the 155 model from the company on the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1997 and was considered as the best-looking car during its reign.

The Italian Classic
Alfa Romeo 159: The Italian Classic

The 159 model was revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in 2005 by the Alfa Romeo to replace the 156 model in the compact executive segment, which was produced until 2011.

Roaring Into The Fashion World
Alfa Romeo Brera: Roaring Into The Fashion World

Italian Company Alfa Romeo manufactured the sports car Alfa Romeo Brera during 2005-2010. It was also known as Type 939. The company did not produce only Alfa Romeo but it also manufactured another model also.

How To Buy The Car Parts
Alfa Romeo MiTo: How To Buy The Car Parts

A luxury supermini model with 3-door hatchback, the Alfa Romeo MiTo was launched in Milan at the Castello Sforzesco on 19 June, 2008 and at the global level in 2008 at the British Motor Show. Beginning of July, this model launched in various other markets in different stages.

High Performance Sports Car
Ariel Atom: High Performance Sports Car

The Atom, a sports car that is built to provide a high performance by the Ariel Motor Company, is based in England and the New York. It is produced in Crewkerne, Somerset in England and is manufactured under a license by TMI Autotech in North America at Virginia International Raceway located in Alton, Virginia.

A James Bond’s Car?
Aston Martin DB5: A James Bond’s Car?

The evolution of the DB4’s final series, the DB5 was designed by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera, an Italian coachbuilder and was released in 1963. This car is a luxury grand Tourer from the manufacturing company, Aston Martin.

Supercars’ Daddy!
Aston Martin One-77: Supercars’ Daddy!

The Aston Martin One-77, a 2 door saloon made by Aston Martin. This sedan initially seemed at the event on Motor show held in the Paris in the year of 2008, however the sedan kept typically concealed via a ‘Savile Row tailored skirt’ during the whole show, prior to be completely released at the event of Geneva Motor Show in 2009 and made available and started to deliver from the opening of 2011 year.

Refined Family Car
Astra Vauxhal: Refined Family Car

Astra Vauxhall is a British supplementary part of the Adam Opel AG that is in existence since 1979. Earlier the astra nameplate was used in Opel's version at B/C platforms. Saturn, a branch of General Motors provided an opportunity to Astra of confirmed import at the end of 2007, before it was shutdown considering GM's financial losses.

The Executive Car
Audi 80: The Executive Car

The Audi 80, a compact executive coupe from the Audi, a Germany based sedan manufacture company from the year of 1966 to 1996. This car contributed its platform with the Passat from the Volkswagen Group from the year of 1973 to 1986. Finally, it was presented as a saloon sedan/car and an Avant.

Audi A1 Sportback:

The Audi revealed a succeeding A1 concept sedan at the event of the Motor Show held in Paris in October 2008 as the Audi A1 Sportback. The Audi A1 Sportback, a restyled 5 door expansion of the metro-project Quattro.

A Car Ahead Of It’s Time
Audi A2: A Car Ahead Of It’s Time

The Audi A2, a compact MPV styled super-mini and 5-door hatchback with an availability of 4 or 5 seats and internally selected Typ 8Z. This sedan is introduced by the Audi AG, a Germany based company from Nov 1999-2005.