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Opel Combo: What You Ought To Know

The German automaker, Opel rolled out its leisure activity vehicle called the Opel Combo. It was first seen in 1993, the second generation was revealed in 2001 and the third generation was brought out in December of 2011. The third generation model is built after the Fiat Doblo. The term ‘Combo’ was applied previously as a suffix to the van body, three-door panel style of the Opel Kadett E.

Certain body panels, platforms and vital components that is used in the Combo C and Combo B are used in the modern subcompact version, the Opel Corsa, a typical thoroughbred version of this vehicle.

The generations are termed ‘B’ and ‘C’, just the way Opel has always termed the variants of its cars though this time, Holden decided to use the terms ‘SB’ and ‘XC’ as codes respectively, denoting its close resemblance with SB Holden Barins (Opel Corsa C) and SB Holden Barins (Opel Corsa B).

The new Combo, the latest third generation is manufactured by Tofas in Turkey.

Photo Gallery of Opel Combo

Technical Characteristics of Opel Combo

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